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Evisu jeans commenced in 1988 when Hidehiko Yamane, a self confessed connoisseur of denims, went on quest to discover the most effective solutions to import from any 롤대리 place on the globe. But he grew to become pissed off, as nowhere could he come across high-quality denim. That is definitely until he stumbled throughout a fifties American loom, effective at weaving forty metres of selvedge denim per day. Using this type of he produced the idea of manufacturing exceptional denims for connoisseurs like himself and Evisu was born.


Originally known as Evis after the Buddhist God of prosperity, a seagull image was hand painted on Each and every pair of denims. It was a laborious system only producing twelve pairs of denims per day. But during the nineties fashions had been altering and ahead of long the need for vintage denims grew and so did Mr Yamanes business enterprise. In 1997 generation had to be moved to Italy however it however made use of the famed Japanese denims. These days the seagull trademark may be found all around the earth and Evisu carries on to increase with its most recent additions like Evisu Shoos, Evisu European Version and Kizzu.

Evisut-shirtsnew spring/ summer time assortment takes it inspiration through the summer Japanese festivals, but nonetheless with evidence of Mr Yamanes love of fifties American denim. Mini denim skirts are generating an look to complement colourful t-shirts Using the Evisu symbol. And his influence of Japanese tradition is obvious with graphics of cherry trees, the lucky cat and Buddha.